The payoff

The Restore Us team is proud to reflect on the empathy lessons and support shared in all of 2018. We are honored to have been invited to various agencies to support hardworking emotionally invested peers. The payoff always comes from the feedback when we learn that our program did as designed and those in attendance can say they feel restored to higher levels of empathy and compassion towards both self and others. I have to be honest, we always leave our trainings and workshops feeling incredibly restored ourselves. The inspiration is ever present. We aim to support those supporting others. We are always humbled to learn the countless stories of people in our community working hard to heal, stabilize and empower others. We felt invigorated by the team spirit at UMFS Child and Family Healing Center, working to honor family systems. We are indebted to the Case Managers at Focused Outreach Richmond and all they do to support homeless veterans. We admire deeply the caregivers of mentally ill family members in the NAMI CVA membership that give endlessly to advocate and support. We are amazed at the efforts made by Project Life team members working tirelessly to inspire and empower youth in foster care. We are encouraged by participants in the Healing Arts Festive and the Community 50/50 project striving to reach and lift up urban youth. We are so proud of our affiliation and are dedicated to continued empathy missions.