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The Restore Us Program offers empathy trainings and workshops aimed at teaching individuals how to understand, access, and implement inherent empathy to promote authentic impactful relationships. 

The program’s founder, Kelly Humes, created the program shortly after completing Virginia Commonwealth University’s Master’s of Social Work program in 2009. Kelly traveled, lived and worked internationally during the years following grad school. She returned to the states thereafter, empowered and ready to apply her newly acquired spectrum of skills and indescribable passion. However, she quickly learned that many of her colleagues were already disenchanted with the field and considering leaving. This compelled Kelly into a search to discover a way help sustain the helpers. Through years of research and conversation with those most impacted by emotionally challenging work, Kelly discovered a correlation between empathy deficits and attrition among workers in the human services field. Kelly has been on a journey to teach, restore, repair and replenish empathy wells ever since.

The ever-evolving Restore Us program has expanded to serve not only mental health professionals but now includes teachers, law enforcement, medical professionals, and so many more.


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