Sustaining the village

Back when Restore was specifically geared towards sustaining mental health providers I often used the sentiment that “social workers have the same burnout rate as teachers”. Every time; without fail, a collective “ohhhh” was the response. It’s no secret that teachers are put to the test in ways that non teachers cannot accurately grasp.

What I do know is that teachers are honorary social workers and clinicians and healers and behavior regulators and nurses and referees and nutritionists. I could keep going but you get it. We send our kids off for 6, 7 hours a day and teachers are tasked with everything. Literally everything. And get this? They also get blamed for everything. It’s the very definition of a catch 22.

I can think of no better way to utilize my empathy preaching skills than to empower teachers with the knowledge to access their very own empathy superpowers. Thank you to Patrick Henry Charter School for sharing your hearts, minds and unfathomable patience with our precious babes. It was an honor to share the basics of empathy awareness with you.