The far reaches.

The Restore Us Program was honored to share our program with housing counselors from all over Virginia last week at the Virginia Association of Housing Counselors Spring Conference in Virginia Beach. The passion in their work was palpable. Their commitment to fair housing, access to support and guidance and fierce advocacy was beyond words. The Restore Us program shared our content with this amazing crew because they asked us to; but truly, the empathy ranneth over. 

We have stumbled on the beautiful realization that our program has applicability far beyond our initial belief. Empathy is relationship currency. We have yet to find a population that does not connect to this material. 

With that said, we have also yet to discover a population that does not benefit from being reminded of their inherent ability to empathize and consequently the awareness needed to ward off the dangers of connecting too deeply, for too long. It is a delicate dance. We are so honored to teach others to tango, for sustainability, for effectiveness. 

Thank you so much for having us VAHC. And thank you for ALL that you do to better the lives of others.