The era of peer support and lived experience.

There is a compelling discussion on the table surrounding dynamics of the new and rightfully acknowledged "lived experience" as it pertains to support and guidance. There is no better education than one that has transpired in your heart; your mind, your soul. 

Empathy is front and center on the resume of lived experience. The Restore Us Program is built on the relevance and worth of connecting  genuinely with others, whether through inherent skill, personal experience or traditional education.

This is the era of peer support counseling. There is now; alas, a credential for those that have walked the painful; dark, hopeless paths and now stand tall with gratitude whispering,  "follow me, I know how hard this is. I can help lead the way." These words bring hope where there was none. These words resonate deep. These words save, inspire, motivate and bond. 

The Restore Us Program tips our collective hats to all the helpers. The classically trained, the natural caretakers, and the ones who trudged through pain and desperation and then turned back to shine the light for those behind you. 

Thank you for being you, for doing all that you do.