Who We Are



Kelly Humes is a 2009 graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University's Advanced Standing Master's of Social Work Program. Her post graduate work has included direct care service to youth and families internationally in West Africa, South America, Mexico and Germany. After discovering a correlation between direct-care provider's attrition from the field and empathy depletion, Kelly founded The Restore Us Program in 2010. The Restore Us Program initially aimed to teach providers how to offset the effects of working in emotionally charged environments, ultimately tapping in to inherent potential to remain impactful and connected to clients through empathy. However, in the 8 years since Restore’s inception, the program has evolved to serve all people seeking to better access, implement and cultivate inherent empathic abilities. The Restore Us Program is proud to be partnering with numerous like efforts to promote the benefits of authentic relationships through round table discussion, workshops and trainings.

In addition to offering The Restore Us Program trainings to various public and private agencies statewide, support communities and students Kelly's passion lies in her historical work as a Probation Officer on the City of Richmond's Mental Health Docket where she advocated fiercely for alternative sentencing for persons diagnosed with mental illness. Kelly is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) in addition to pursuing her professional license and thriving as a community-based Clinician. Kelly lives in Richmond with her husband Royal and their two children Ravi (5) and Allim (2).



Abby has worked within the nonprofit sector in Richmond, VA for over a decade. In addition to her interest in nonprofit work, Abby is passionate about anti-violence efforts, queer liberation, and promoting the visibility of underrepresented groups. In her spare time, she serves on the board of the Virginia Anti-Violence Project and owns a small business crafting some of RVA's best pickles and jam.

Abby lives in Henrico with her wife, two scruffy dogs, and their giant cat. They're expecting their first child in just a few short weeks!



Royal has previously worked as a youth counselor and mentor and feels strongly about fair access to quality education for all. He has an affection for clean eating and wellness routines, often inspiring those around him to broaden their horizons. Royal has participated in numerous volunteer efforts in partnership with Hands on Greater Richmond and is committed to improving the lives of others.

Royal has also worked in the nonprofit sector and currently utilizes his Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration to help things run smoothly at The Restore Us Program.

Royal lives in Richmond with his wife and Restore Us Program founder; Kelly, and their children Ravi (6) and Allim (3).