What We Do

The Restore Us Program provides a full spectrum of services to replenish the empathy wells of individuals living or working in emotionally charged environments. We provide lessons in cultivating, preserving and restoring empathy to ensure authentic and intentional interpersonal relationships. Our lessons come in the form of engaging workshops, round table discussions and simulations for interactive learning. The Restore Us Program menu features programs tailored to meet the specific needs of persons working in direct service (mental health, education, emergency response) in addition to families embarking on journeys of foster care, adoption or those caring for a family member or loved one with physical or emotional challenges. 

Our Mission

To provide support, trainings, and workshops aimed at teaching individuals how to understand, access, and implement inherent empathy to promote authentic impactful relationships. 

I do not ask the wounded person how he feels,
I myself become the wounded person.
— Walt Whitman

What We've Achieved

  • Completion of Virginia Commonwealth University’s Master’s of Social Work program

  • Provided direct care to youth and families internationally in West Africa, South America, Mexico and Germany

  • Advocated fiercely for alternative sentencing for persons diagnosed with mental illness

  • Partnering and working with numerous organizations throughout Virginia to provide empathy trainings.